Today in Ukraine celebrate Day shirts

В Украине сегодня отмечают День вышиванки

In Ukraine on Thursday, 19 may, celebrate the Day of embroidery. Citizens who honor the tradition of creating and wearing of national clothes, take to the streets in embroidered shirts.

The event focused on the preservation of Ukrainian values and their popularization among young people and the population of the state as a whole. Holiday does not provide for mandatory measures, in addition donning shirts. Although throughout the history of the event at the initiative of students, schoolchildren, public and cultural figures, concerts, parades, contests, parties, fairs.

In particular, 19 may at 18:00 between the two bell towers of St. Sophia and St. Michael’s Cathedral will hold a flash mob “Chain of unity Day shirts”. Residents of the left Bank of Kyiv will gather at St. Michael’s square, right on Sophia, and then all participants will join in a human chain that will connect the two areas. Because flashmob is held on a public holiday, to participate you need to wear embroidered.

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In addition, Day shirts workers of “Ukrzaliznytsia” will work in national costumes.

Also in honor of the shirts, the volunteers will hold a charity event “Born in the embroidery”. Every child that is born on a holiday, will receive as a gift an embroidered shirt.

Recall the idea of the campaign “world day shirts” in 2006 suggested that the student of the faculty of history, political science and international relations at Chernivtsi national University. After Yuriy Fedkovych, Lesya Voronyuk. Inspired by the example of classmates who regularly attended classes in embroidery, a student was asked to choose one day of the year when everything will come to school in national dress. First shirts wearing a few dozen students and several faculty members. But already during the following years, the festival has grown to a nationwide level, it began to engage the Ukrainian Diaspora worldwide, as well as supporters of Ukraine.

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