Today the Orthodox celebrate forgiveness Sunday

Сегодня православные отмечают Прощеное воскресенье

In the Orthodox Church celebrate forgiveness Sunday

In this day, which precedes the beginning of lent, it is customary to ask forgiveness from our neighbors and forgiving their abusers.

Forgiveness Sunday or the last day of carnival falls in 2019 on 10 March before lent.

On this day, during the Liturgy the gospel is read with the passage from the sermon on the mount, which refers to the forgiveness of injuries to others. Forgiveness of offenders in the gospel is a condition of forgiveness by God of sin.

In the Orthodox Church on forgiveness Sunday – the last day before lent. On this day Christians asked each other for forgiveness for intentional and unintentional wrongs. Also Orthodox Christians traditionally went to the Shrove Sunday in the Church immediately after the service the priest asked for forgiveness from the congregation, and she, in turn, from him. Then asked for forgiveness from relatives, friends, neighbors and say, sincerely, from the depths of his heart turned to his neighbor. “God will forgive you. I’m sorry,” was the answer. The request was repeated three times, and then kissed.

Another Church called Forgiveness Sunday – the commemoration of Adam’s exile. Before the beginning of lent, the Church remembers the old Testament the story of how Adam because of the fall, were banished the Creator from Paradise. Besides, breaking your word to God, Adam did not ask His forgiveness.

Forgiveness Sunday is not allowed to drink alcohol, quarrel, swear and hard work. These are the main restrictions. The clergy also opposed the burning of effigies, although it is a pagan tradition that to this day coexists with Christianity.

You should give up washing, sewing and cleaning, as well as other heavy household chores.

At the same time, in this day you can eat meat, cheese, eggs and stuff before lent.

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