Today Ukraine celebrates the Day of defender

Сегодня в Украине отмечают День защитника

Ukraine celebrates the Day of defender

In 2018, the Day of defender of Ukraine that fell on Sunday. In Kiev and other cities of Ukraine planned a number of festive events.

Sunday, October 14, Ukrainians celebrate the Day of defender of Ukraine. This holiday was established in 2014 by presidential decree. In Ukraine, he replaced the Soviet holiday on February 23.

With 2015 on the Day of defender of Ukraine – official holiday.

Date 14 Oct chosen not casually: this day is celebrated in the Christian holiday of the Holy virgin, and in 1999 it was installed and the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. Since ancient times the virgin was the patroness of Ukrainian Cossacks and all of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Since this year the holiday fell on Sunday, Ukrainians will rest on 15 October, that is three days in a row from the 13th to the 15th.

In Kiev and other cities of Ukraine on the occasion, will host a series of events.

So, in the capital near the city Council building at the Khreshchatyk from 12:00 to 14:30 there will be a citywide holiday event to the Day of defender of Ukraine

And at 16:00 near the monument to Shevchenko will start the March of the UPA under the slogan Return Ukraine to Ukrainians. The procession will be held from St. Vladimir’s Taras Shevchenko Boulevard and Khreshchatyk street to European square, where there will be a solemn meeting and festive concert down.

In connection with the festivities of the streets in the center of Kiev will be closed. Will also change the schedule of movement of public transport.

Recall that in Lviv today will be the March of the defenders of Ukraine.


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