Tomorrow earthlings will be able to see the solar Eclipse

Завтра земляне смогут увидеть солнечное затмение

It happens on Friday the 13th of July, and it will be possible to see South Australia and Tasmania.

Today, July 13, humans can observe a rare solar Eclipse that will be visible from the southern coast of Australia, Tasmania and parts of Antarctica. Writes about this Time.

According to the publication, the rarity of the Eclipse is that it happens on Friday the 13th. This date has long been considered a harbinger of failure in popular culture.

NASA say that Friday the 13th was not a solar Eclipse since December 1974. The next partial Eclipse can be seen 13 th only in 2080.

Also, experts note that the best point for observing the Eclipse will be the city of Hobart in Tasmania. During the Eclipse, about 35 percent of the sun will be covered by the Moon at 13:24 local time.

Earlier it was reported that the video took “apocalyptic” wall of dust in Arizona in the United States.

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