Tomorrow in Minsk, the Ukrainian side will insist on safe work KPVV in the area of ATO for Easter

В Минске завтра украинская сторона будет настаивать на безопасной работе КПВВ в зоне АТО на Пасху

In Minsk tomorrow, April 29, the Ukrainian side will insist on safe work KPVV in the area of ATO in the Easter holidays. This reports the press Secretary of the Ukrainian representative in the group of Leonid Kuchma Daria olifer in Facebook.

Leonid Kuchma met with the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian sub-group Irina Gerashchenko. During the conversation it was about the key humanitarian aspects of tomorrow’s meeting of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk.

“Extremely acute problem of disruption the release of the hostages. Recall, April 20, during a previous meeting of the Tripartite group in Minsk, all parties supported the initiative of the Ukrainian side and agreed to such a release took place before Easter as a gesture of humanity and goodwill. However, representatives of individual regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions did not fulfill undertaken obligations”, – said olifer.

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“Another important issue is the safe operation of checkpoints on the frontline in the Easter holidays. We insist that the residents of Donbass should be able to cross KPVV without fear for their life and health”, – is told in the message.

Irina Gerashchenko gave Kuchma the relevant proposals of the Ukrainian side on all key issues of the work of humanitarian groups.

“The ban on my entry to the Republic of Belarus is the third party attempts to disrupt the Minsk process. But we realize our responsibility before the Ukrainian society and Ukrainian government, and therefore will not allow himself to provoke” – said Irina Gerashchenko.

We will remind, the next meeting of the Trilateral contact group held in Minsk tomorrow, April 29.