Tonight you can see the peak of spring stargazing

Сегодня ночью можно увидеть пик весеннего звездопада

In the night of Monday, April 22, Ukrainians will be able to observe the peak of the meteor shower Lerida – will crumble to 20 meteors per hour.

The annual spring meteor shower is a meteor shower Lerida that the inhabitants of the Earth watching in April. In 2019 one of the most beautiful celestial phenomena accounts for the period from 14 to 30 April, and its peak will take place on 22 and 23 April.

In the night of Sunday, April 21 Monday, April 22, starting at 21:00, watch intense Starfall will be able to residents of Ukraine. Lerida will roll in about 20 pieces every hour, “departing” from the constellation Lyra. To see them, it is better to go by feet to the North, West or South. Meteors begin to fall from the top of the point that is 60 degrees above the horizon.

Only in 2019 will be about 50 starbursts, but not everyone is as bright as the current flow Lerida.

What is a meteor shower Lerida

Most of the shooting stars (meteor showers) generated by comets. Zipping through their orbits, they poured dust and small grains. This debris enters the Earth’s atmosphere at tremendous speeds and rascherchivayut sky bright streams.

Annual spring meteor shower Lerida fairly fast meteors entering the earth’s atmosphere at a speed of about 49 km per second. The source of the flow is large amount of dust and small fragments that have been left by comet C/1861 Thatcher during the passage near the Sun. Comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, in 1861 flown close to Earth has energized the flow. In 2276 year she’ll be back and probably will again join the flow.

Lerida is one of the oldest meteor showers observed by mankind. The first mention of it is dated to 687 BC when the Chinese noticed and recorded that “stars fell like rain”. In that era spring stargazing was much more intense.

Starfall Lerida in Ukraine

Sometimes a meteor shower Lerida surprises, for example, suddenly increases over certain areas of our planet. So, in 1922, at 2 thousand meteors per hour rained over Ukraine. Around a hundred meteors per hour was observed in 1982 over the USA, and in 1985 – in the sky of Ukrainian Crimea.