Top 10 aircraft carriers of the world

Топ-10 лучших авианосцев мира

The video presents the ten best modern carriers according to channel Global Conflict. In the “top ten” included “floating airfields” as still under construction, and already made the armies of India, China, France, Britain, Russia and the United States.

Cavour aircraft carrier Italian Navy. The aircraft carrier was commissioned in 2009, the Aviation group: 8 aircraft AV-8B Harrier II and 12 helicopters. Artillery: two 76-mm installation of “Super rapid”, three 25-mm installation of “OTO Melara”. Missile armament: 4 installation silver A43. Crew: 528.

São Paulo — the aircraft carrier of the Navy of Brazil, a former aircraft carrier “Foch” (Foch) of the “Clemenceau” (Clemenceau) of the French Navy. Was launched on July 23, 1960, November 15, 2000 transferred to the Brazilian Navy. Antiaircraft artillery: two 40-mm setting “Bofors”, five 12.7 mm machine guns. Missile armament: 2 installation SAM “Albatross”. Aviation group: 14 attack aircraft A-4 Skyhawk, 9-11 helicopters. Crew: 1 220 people.

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Vikrant — an aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy, launched in 2015, will become operational in 2018 Aviation group: 12-14 MiG-29K, Ka-28, Ka-31, HAL Dhruv. Crew: 1 400 people.

Vikramaditya is an aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy, built on the basis of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Gorshkov”. Upgrades performed Northern machine-building enterprise in Severodvinsk. 16 Nov 2013 the ship has been commissioned into the Indian Navy. Aviation group: 14-16 MiG-29K, 4 MiG-29KUB, 10 Ka-28, Ka-31, HAL Dhruv. Crew: up to 1 600 people.

Liaoning — the aircraft carrier PLA of China, built on the basis of Soviet aircraft carrier “Riga”. In 2012 became part of the PLA Navy. Antiaircraft artillery: three 11-30 mm Type 1130. Missile armament: three 18-charging PU Suhr FL-3000N. Anti-submarine armament: two 12-battery charger PU plourac’h. Air group: up to 24 fighter aircraft, the Shenyang J-15, 12 helicopters. Crew: 1 980 people.

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“Admiral Kuznetsov” — the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser of the Russian Navy, commissioned in 1991, is Designed to engage large surface targets, protection of marine compounds from potential enemy attacks using aircraft carriers and a large number of submarines, support of amphibious operations. Anti-aircraft guns: six 6 AK-630. Missiles: 12 PU SCRC “Granite”, four 2 SPAR “Dirk”, four 6 PU SAM “Dagger”. Anti-submarine armament: two 10 RBU-12000. Aviation group: 50 aircraft and helicopters. Crew: up to 1 980.

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Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier of the French Navy, the first French surface warship with a nuclear power plant. Commissioned in 2001, the Armament includes equipment for electronic warfare, air defense systems. Air group: up to 40 aircraft and helicopters. Crew: 1 200 people.

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Queen Elizabeth — the sort of British carriers, being built to replace the current light aircraft carriers. Currently in construction are two aircraft carriers (HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales). Aviation group: 40 aircraft and helicopters. Crew: 1 500 people.

Nimitz class — type of American aircraft carriers with nuclear propulsion. The Nimitz aircraft carriers are the largest warships in the world. Intended for operations as part of carrier strike groups and engage large surface targets, provide air defense of naval formations, and conducting military air operations. Anti-aircraft artillery: 3 or 4 20-mm Mk 15 AU or ASMD. Missile armament: 16-24 PU “sea Sparrow”. Aviation group: 64 aircraft and helicopter. Crew: 3,200 ship’s command, 2 480 members of the air group.

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Gerald R Ford class — type multipurpose nuclear aircraft carriers of the United States, the construction of which started in 2009 missiles: PU SAM missiles ESSM and RIM-116. Aviation group: more than 75 aircraft and helicopters. Crew: 2500-2700 crew, about 2 480 air group and about 70 people staff.

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