TOP 7 intrigues of completing the qualification for the 2018 world Cup

ТОП-7 интриг завершения квалификации ЧМ-2018

Lionel Messi with the Argentine national team may not be at the world Cup

Next week will be known, the lion’s share of the participants of the world Cup.

Selection for the world Cup 2018 is in the final stage. In the next week on all continents will be the last match in group qualifying round, after which the lucky ones will be starting to plan a trip to Russia, someone who will prepare for matches of the playoffs, and the rest of the teams have to prepare for the next qualifying tournaments.

At the moment we know the 8 teams who are already guaranteed a place at the world Cup. In addition to the host of Russia, Brazil, Belgium, Iran, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

What are the main intrigue fraught with trailing qualifiers? highlights the main ones.

  • A world Cup without Champions?
  • The world Cup in Russia can be a unique and complete without the Champions of the continents. African champion Cameroon had already lost the chance to get the world Championship, the champion of Europe, Portugal occupies the second place in the group (second place gives right to play in the playoffs), champion of South America Chile is on the impassable sixth place, the best team in North America, the United States ranks fourth, giving only the right to play in the play-offs.

    Two of the champion of Asia and Oceania – Australia and New Zealand respectively – will play in the playoffs for the right to go to the 2018 world Cup.

  • One of the European teams missed?
  • ТОП-7 интриг завершения квалификации ЧМ-2018

    From the Old world directly to the world championship are the winners of the nine qualifying groups and the four winners of the playoffs. Only 13 vouchers. This number may not be a group titled teams.

    – France, Sweden and the Netherlands disputed one direct ticket and one in the playoffs in group A;
    – Switzerland and Portugal in face-to-face match will determine who will go directly to the world Cup, and who the road in the playoffs;
    The Czech Republic and Norway will definitely not go to the world Cup from group C;
    – Only ticket to the playoffs from group D challenge Wales, Ireland and Austria;
    from group E can fly past the world Cup Poland or Denmark;
    – Slovenia, Slovakia and Scotland for three left the place in the play-offs;
    – Spain and Italy will go to the playoffs from group G;
    – Cyprus may leave without the playoffs Greece and Bosnia;
    – about “our” group I separate conversation below.

  • The Russians will not see Messi?
  • ТОП-7 интриг завершения квалификации ЧМ-2018

    If Brazil have already secured their participation at the 2018 world Cup, Argentina led by Lionel Messi may never get.

    The Argentines, located on the fifth place in the selection (from South America directly enter four teams, while the fifth is playing in the playoffs) in the next round will take the national team of Peru, reaching the fourth and dreams for the first time since 1982 to get to the world Cup, and then go on a visit to Ecuador, who haven’t lost the chances of qualifying for the world Cup.

    ТОП-7 интриг завершения квалификации ЧМ-2018

  • Wants US to go to the world Cup in Russia?
  • A disastrous start in the selection the Americans have managed to tweak past successes, but are still no-go on fourth place. Ahead of team USA’s matches against the outsider from Trinidad and Tobago, but also against Panama, which is above the American at the table. Wards of Bruce Arena, we must win in two matches.

    ТОП-7 интриг завершения квалификации ЧМ-2018

  • In anticipation of the African exotics
  • ТОП-7 интриг завершения квалификации ЧМ-2018

    In Africa, for two rounds before the end of the selection situation difficult to predict and in some groups to win, and therefore qualify for the world Cup, expect of four teams. Among them are very exotic, such as Zambia, Gabon, Burkina Faso and Uganda, have never participated in the world Championships.

  • Whether to continue the tale of Syria?
  • ТОП-7 интриг завершения квалификации ЧМ-2018

    Selection in Asia is almost over – after the group stage, four teams have qualified for the FIFA world Cup and two play in the playoffs. In this match the champion of Asia Australia confronts team Syria, which because of the war in the country and could do not allow selection, but in the end this team ahead of Uzbekistan, China and Qatar, and continues to believe that it will play in Russia next summer.

  • That is capable the national team of Ukraine?
  • ТОП-7 интриг завершения квалификации ЧМ-2018

    We with interest will watch the outcome of the selection process for the 2018 world Cup around the world, but we are particularly interested in the situation in the European group I, where the Ukrainian team took fourth place. In the first place in the group continue to qualify four teams, but still all in the hands of the Ukrainian team two wins in two remaining matches will guarantee us at least second place.

    We will remind, Ukraine October 6, will play with Kosovo on the road, and on 9 October the house will take Croatia. Can the national team of Ukraine to get these two wins? Find out in the near future.

    ТОП-7 интриг завершения квалификации ЧМ-2018

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