Top 7 words in the news: remember the Ukrainians in 2016

Топ-7 слов в новостных лентах: Что запомнят украинцы в 2016 году


When only the topic with the abolition of visas for citizens of Ukraine began, and often wrote officially “liberalization of the visa regime with the EU”, and then wrote just a visa-free regime, and this year even the officials moved on to short word “bezviz”.

“Bezviz” literally means the abolition of the visa regime with the EU for Ukrainians. In the case of its provision in all the countries of the Schengen area, except Ireland and the UK, it will be possible to enter without a visa. Citizens will be also able to visit four countries outside the EU: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


The meaning of the word saboteur is understandable, it is essentially a person who commits behind enemy lines subversive activities. In the media, “Ukrainian saboteurs” call the illegally detained citizens of Ukraine in the territory annexed the Crimea, which Russia attributes to planning acts of sabotage or terrorist attacks.


This year the world went mad from the game Pokémon Go, she even became more popular porn queries Google. While some played, others wrote the news about accidents with fishers of pokemon. Playing with geolocation and augmented reality, appeared on 6 July on iOS and Android, allows the user to see through the camera what is happening around them, and the application inserts the meanwhile, there pokemon, which you need to catch. Players are so addicted to that involved in an accident, falling, fighting. In some countries even proposed to ban the game.


The Ukrainians also had already memorized the English Brexit – British exit from the European Union. Recently, it was officially listed in the Oxford English dictionary. In the Ukrainian media, the word Brexit often not even decipher.

Formally, the Kingdom has not yet come out of the EU, it is expected that the process could be delayed until the summer of 2019.


Although the first phase of electronic filing of declarations by the officials ended October 30, 2016, they are still in the top news feeds. State officials were shocked by not only Ukrainians, but the EU, and the word e-Declaration will be remembered for a long time. Filled officials documents are included in the Unified state register of declarations. The official must submit all information about their income for last year, in particular, they pointed out a lot of cash, furs, jewelry, and even space flight.


The network has long been walking the hashtag #zrada, in fact used to identify good and bad (#Peremoga) actions of the authorities. But Facebooka he gradually moved into news headlines. Not adopted a budget – zrada, not given bezviz – zrada.

7. ROD

In SBU declared that the Kremlin will try to implement in Ukraine a plan to destabilize the situation, which has the name “Rod”. After funny the word “Rod” began to call not only the insidious operation of the Russian Federation, but and failures: did not vote, MPs blame the rod, and so on.

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