Top officials caught falsifying documents

Чиновника высшего ранга поймали на подделке документов

Against Kudryavtseva conducting official inspection of the diploma

At the University, which allegedly studied the head of GASI Kudryavtsev was unable to find information about his education.

The head of the State architectural and construction inspection (EXTINGUISH) Alexey Kudryavtsev accused of providing fake documents for entry into the position. As reported on Wednesday, November 28, the New time with reference to the National Agency of public service, evidenced by documents from the University, which allegedly studied Kudryavtsev.

In response to the query NAGS rector of Technical University of Moldova reported that in the period Kudryavtsev in this institution were not trained and a diploma in his name was not given.

Kudryavtsev holds the position of Chairman of the GASI from 26 June 2015. To carry out duties of the head of such government Agency requires the availability of higher education not below the level of master.

In the official biography on the website Kudryavtseva EXTINGUISH only indicated that he received the highest education in the field of management, law and construction, but does not specify the location of higher education.

There is also no information about the higher education Kudryavtseva in the messages about protection of dissertations on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of Sciences, which he defended in November 2017 at the research Institute of public law.

               Чиновника высшего ранга поймали на подделке документов


As writes the edition, on November 21 the Cabinet of Ministers initiated an internal check on the veracity Kudryavtsev documents during the tenure of the Chairman of the State architectural and construction inspection. To inspect requested NAGS jointly with the interior Ministry and the Ministry of education.

Recall that in October last year, the Prosecutor General’s office opened a case because of the possible forgery of the diploma of the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, but this summer the case was closed.


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