Toresco faces a technological disaster – the headquarters of ATO

Торецку грозит техногенная катастрофа – штаб АТО

The city Tarack faces a technological disaster because of flooded mines.

Turecku Donetsk region faces a technological disaster due to the flooding of two idle mines. This is stated in the message on the page of the ATO headquarters at Facebook, which refers to the representatives of the Ukrainian side in the Joint center for control and coordination of the ceasefire (SCCC) in the Donbas.

“Because of the flooding of the mines imeni Artema and South the surface rises the methane gas that enters the basements of residential and industrial buildings, which can lead to explosions and poisoning of people”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that water enters the underground workings from damage to area of the conduit “Gorlovka-Torets’ke” that emerged as a result of shelling by the separatists.

According to the calculations of utility services Terezka on the ground daily flows of about 15000 cubic meters of water. As a result, residents receive water only two hours a day.

In connection with the increase in air temperature, water consumption increased significantly, and the situation became quite complicated. According to the mayor of Terezka Yuri Evsikova, the city may at any time arise an epidemic of infectious diseases.

Inspect and repair the conduit is possible for two or three days, but the separatists do not give security guarantees on the execution time of the repair.

Also a man-made catastrophe can threaten Novgorod, nearby Turecka.

“At the local plant phenolics have long been necessary to work on strengthening the emergency protection of a dam slurry tank. Today, in this artificial reservoir was attended by nearly 33,000 tons of liquid waste containing phenol, naphthalene, formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, petroleum products and other chemical compounds formed in the process of work of the enterprise”, – stated in the message.

As a result of attacks on the plant is out of order pipeline, through which were pumping water and fluid level in storage may soon reach a critical point.

“The overflow of the slurry tank can lead to the destruction of the dam, and then the poison would rush to the nearest village in Novgorod, and then gets into the crooked river End, and then into the Seversky Donets, which is one of the few sources of drinking water for the entire Luhansk and parts of Donetsk region”, – stated in the message.

From the beginning of 2017 Turecki phenolic plant sent 9 requests for security at the time of repair, however, the separatists did not provide the guarantees noted in the headquarters of ATO.

In Luhansk region, warned about man-made disaster

We will remind, in may, President Petro Poroshenko has set up a military administration in Turecka.

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