Torture and executions on both sides. The UN report on Ilovaisk

Пытки и казни обеих сторон. Отчет ООН по Иловайску

The office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights released a report on the events of August 2014.

The United Nations to the fourth anniversary of the fights for Ilovaysk has published a report on human rights violations during the events of August 2014 in the Donbass.

The report of the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights, based on 80 interviews with civil Ilovaysk and surrounding villages, as well as with former war prisoners.

Human rights activists described a pattern of torture and executions, and accused both sides of violations of human rights. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Ilovajskij boiler

The operation to regain control of the Ukrainian side over the city of Ilovaysk of Donetsk region began in early August 2014.

By mid-month, Ukrainian forces took a village near Ilovaysk, and from 18 to 28 August, the battle for the city itself, divided between the two parties to the conflict. The report noted that the separatists “could receive reinforcements from Russia”.

“According to the office of the Prosecutor of the International criminal court, the intensity of the fighting in Ilovaisk was due to the “potential influx of troops, vehicles and armaments from the Russian Federation to strengthen the position of armed groups (as the report called separatists – ed.)”, – the document says.

In late August, the volunteer battalions, units of the interior Ministry and the APU was encircled, and on 29 August tried to get out of it. This has led to significant losses of personnel and captured Ukrainian security forces.

Пытки и казни обеих сторон. Отчет ООН по Иловайску

Destroyed Ukrainian military equipment in Ilovaysk / EPA

The report States that “armed groups and the military of the Russian Federation” proposed to the Ukrainian side to retreat without weapons, but was refused. Column Ukrainian security forces were coming out of Ilovaysk, was attacked.

Killing 366 of the Ukrainian military and volunteers, 429 injured, and hundreds were captured. Most of them traded in 2014, and the last captive the Ukrainian military returned home in December 2017.

The same figures are officially called the Ukrainian authorities.

In the report and little attention is paid to specific battles. However, it is specified that Ukrainian forces could be encircled in Ilovaisk because of the “cross-border shelling from the Russian Federation”, which forced the Ukrainians to retreat from the border.


Victims among the population

In Ilovaisk and surrounding villages during the fighting for the city was destroyed hundreds of private homes and damaged 116 buildings. Residents without water, electricity and gas for three weeks.

Because of the attacks destroyed a hospital, and people did not have access to health services.

Total killed at least 36 civilians – four of them probably killed and the rest were killed in the attacks.

Пытки и казни обеих сторон. Отчет ООН по Иловайску

In Ilovaisk destroyed 600 fair homes / EPA

According to the UN, during the conflict both sides “participated in the killing of civilians, but it did not have a mass or systematic nature”.

For the first time human rights organizations have access to Ilovaysk in 2016. They conducted a series of interviews with local residents and established that during the fighting in the city executed four civilians.

While two of them, as the report says, could kill representatives of the Ukrainian battalions, in particular the Donbass. One of the locals died from artillery fire, while he was in custody dobrobatov.

Пытки и казни обеих сторон. Отчет ООН по Иловайску

Donbass battalion in Ilovaisk / EPA

UN human rights activists reported that Ukrainian forces have used torture and ill-treatment against the 13 men, aged 30 to 66 years, who were suspected of assistance to the separatists, namely the adjustment of fire.

A large part of civilians who had been ill-treated, held in school No. 14, the battalion Donbass.

In the basement of the school was a bomb shelter where I was hiding hundreds of residents of Ilovaysk. There they can receive medical care from the Donbass battalion, said in a statement.

Later in the courtyard of the school, we found the burial of three people, which is held in one of the rooms. Valentine Minich and Igor Trufanova probably killed the representatives dobrobatov. And Sergei Mironenko, probably died in the shelling, when it was detained.

Civil Lyudmila Gorbenko and Valeriya Kolesnichenko were found murdered in their home. However, local residents are unable to recall the circumstances of their deaths.


Finished off on the battlefield

The UN report says that there is evidence about the killing of three Ukrainian soldiers who were captured by separatists on 29 August 2014. At the same time, four representatives of the Ukrainian side died in captivity, because they have not had medical care.

There is evidence that some Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers, wounded in the battle, finished off on the battlefield by single shots, the report said.

Separatists divided the prisoners into two groups – soldiers and volunteer battalions. To dobrobatami the attitude was more severe, especially if the volunteer was from Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions.

The majority of Ukrainian military personnel and volunteers captured during those events, in interviews with human rights activists claimed that they were attacked by the Russian military, as they had a distinctive accent, the military form and content of the conversations, the report said.

The human rights defenders also got a lot of evidence that on the battlefield, after the shelling, the separatists could finish the Ukrainian wounded by single shots.

On the other hand, human rights activists have established that Ukrainian forces also took prisoner the participants of the “armed groups” and used torture. However, as pointed out by human rights defenders, before the wounded man was taken to the hospital for assistance.

Пытки и казни обеих сторон. Отчет ООН по Иловайску

The representative of the Ukrainian side is civilian, accused of separatism / EPA

Separately, the report identifies five civilians, which could kill the “armed groups” during the shooting of the Ukrainian military, who came out of Ilovaysk.

August 29 to the wounded Ukrainian military, who hid in the landing, a car drove up with four civilian and marked “children”.

The driver talked to the Ukrainian military and wanted to get in the car, but the car shot the armored personnel carrier, who was standing nearby. In the car killed four people, including a child.

The report noted that the majority of the aforementioned crimes go unpunished, and part of the blame for this lies with the Ukrainian authorities.

The UN recommends that the authorities of Ukraine to continue the process of ratification of the Rome Statute and amendments to the criminal code of Ukraine, which will allow for the prosecution of international crimes at the national level.

Law enforcement bodies of Ukraine it is recommended to conduct an impartial investigation into all allegations of human rights violations.


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