Total public debt of Ukraine increased by $470 million

Совокупный госдолг Украины вырос на $470 млн

Ukraine’s debts are rising

The Ministry of Finance spoke about the growth of Ukraine’s debt.

The total public debt of Ukraine as of 30 September rose to 77,03 billion, an increase of thus 470 million dollars (0,62%). This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ukrainian news reports.

It is noted that the total debt (public and publicly guaranteed) at the end of September amounted to 2 043,3 billion, or 77,03 billion dollars, against 1 958,37 billion a month earlier.

“However, the direct external debt for the month increased by 1.35 billion to $ 38,65 billion dollars, while the direct internal debt rose by 4.78 billion to 699,72 billion hryvnia (26,38 billion dollars)”, – reported in the Ministry of Finance.

Publicly guaranteed debt on 30 September amounted to 318,31 billion, or 12 billion dollars.

It was reported earlier that Ukraine increased the gross external debt.