Trading on the Tokyo stock exchange opened by growth of quotations

Торги на бирже Токио открылись ростом котировок

The growth of quotations began trading in Tokyo

Trades on the Tokyo stock exchange on Thursday, April 21, opened with growth of quotations.

For the first 15 minutes of trading, the key Nikkei index, reflecting fluctuations of stock prices 225 leading companies in the country, increased by 1.98% to mark 249,71 17 points.

The broader TOPIX index, reflecting the stock prices of all companies in the luxury of the first section of the exchange, rose 1.6% to 1 387,99 item.

The main factor of growth at the opening of trading in Tokyo was the increase in indexes in new York on Wednesday, which, in turn, occurred against the background of rising oil prices.

At the opening exchange of the Japanese currency traded at the level 109,86-109,87 yen per dollar.