Train Kiev-Vienna will start on 10 December

Поезд Киев-Вена запустят 10 декабря

Ukrainians will be able to travel to Austria direct link

The train will pass through Lviv and Budapest.

Austrian Railways has made to the booking system of the new non-stop train Kiev-Lviv-Budapest-Vienna. This is stated on the official website of the company, reports the Economic truth.

According to information on the website of the Austrian railway company, the train on this route will run from 10 December this year.

From Kiev it will depart at 14:07, arriving in Lviv at 19:50 and go from there at 21:00, in Vienna, the train will arrive at 11:21 the next day. EN route the train will also visit Budapest, where a 20 minute stop.

Back from Vienna the train will depart at 16:42, arriving to Lviv at 10:10, go out at 11:27, arrive at the station Kiev-Passenger at 17:11.

Поезд Киев-Вена запустят 10 декабря

Recall that the launch of the train Kiev-Vienna announced the former head of the ULTRASONIC Wojciech Balczun in June of this year.