Trainer San Antonio: Any team should be stronger, if it comes to LeBron

Тренер Сан-Антонио: Любая команда должна стать сильнее, если к ней придет ЛеБрон

LeBron James

Greg Popovich is confident that the Lakers with the arrival of LeBron James well add.

Coach to San Antonio Gregg Popovich waiting for progress from the Lakers that is associated with their increased LeBron James. However, while the strongest team called the Golden state.

“The Western conference has long been a real battlefield. Currently, there is one of the strongest team is the Golden state. We are trying to catch them. They have an awesome team. Steve Kerr has done a great job, and their players are doing everything correctly. This is the strongest team.

As for the Lakers, they will progress from year to year. After all, any team should be stronger, if you were to join a player like LeBron James. Expect that this year the Lakers have much to add on the” – quoted Popovich Eurohoops.

Earlier ISAA Thomas commented on the transition of LeBron to the Lakers, calling Cleveland a dump.

Recall, LeBron signed a four-year contract with the club from Los Angeles.

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