Transcarpathia received from Hungary 8,000 measles vaccines

Закарпатье получило от Венгрии 8000 вакцин от кори

Hungary gave the Carpathians batch of vaccine

Vaccines that Transcarpathia received from Hungary should be enough for two months. In addition, the region may obtain vaccines from other areas.

In the Transcarpathian oblast today, on 26 January, arrived from Hungary 8,000 doses of measles vaccines. This was reported on the official website of the Ministry of health.

As noted, these vaccines will be enough for two months. In addition, in the near future to the region will deliver the MMR vaccine, redeployed from other areas.

The Ministry stressed that all existing vaccines are now in the regions. “Therefore, any redistribution of vaccines – it is the goodwill and mutual support one another”, – stated in the message.

It is also noted that negotiations with a number of regions of the redistribution of vaccines continues.

Speaking about the situation in the Transcarpathian region, the health Ministry stressed that the coverage of routine immunization against measles in 2017 here was the lowest in Ukraine.

“So, at the end of December last year, according to the national immunization schedule, 71% of children one year, 49% of children 6 years of age were vaccinated with the MMR vaccine (the average for Ukraine – 93% and 90%, respectively),” added the Ministry of health.

Recall from the beginning of 2018 in Transcarpathia was 397 cases of measles.