Treason and war. For what in Ukraine is judged Poklonsky

Измена и война. За что в Украине судят Поклонскую

Polonskaya will be tried in Ukraine

Poklonskaya has presented the position of the so-called “Prosecutor of Crimea” in the case of the banning of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people.

It is no exaggeration to say that Natalia Poklonskaya is one of the symbols of the annexation of Crimea. She worked in bodies of Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine, and in spring 2014 he was appointed “Procurator” of the occupied Peninsula.

Actively participated poklonskaya as Prosecutor in cases against the Crimean Tatars, Majlis and Pro-Ukrainian activists. Now it is for the judge in the territory of Ukraine. And in Russia things it has now are not the best way. has gathered information on the cases against the “Prosecutor’s nyash-myash”.

Charges in Ukraine

Ukrainian prosecutors have prepared the suspicion of war crimes Natalia Polonskaya, said Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

“About her folded and signed the notice for the fact that… she committed a violation of the laws or customs of war, under international agreements,” – said the Prosecutor General.

He stressed that Poklonski treason, but war crimes.

We are talking about the former”Prosecutor” to ban the activities of Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people. The Majlis then recognized the extremist organization.

The second episode, which is charged with Polonskaya as a war crime, is to approve the indictment in the criminal case against Deputy head of Majlis Akhtem chigusa and 5 of the Crimean Tatars. They were tried for “organizing mass disorder” during a Pro-Ukrainian protests.

“Another episode, regarding the participation of Poklonskaya in the prosecution of the Ukrainian Oleg Sentsov, now finalized and will soon be presented to the citizen Polonskaya”, – Lutsenko added.

In April 2018, the Prosecutor’s office completed pre-trial investigation of treason Natalia Polonskaya, Sergey Aksenov, Vladimir Konstantinov and other former officials of the Crimea.

Response Poklonskaya

Statement Lutsenko Poklonskaya called stupid and illegal. “Being in places not so remote, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine did not have time to master the material part of the Criminal code of Ukraine, including the category of “Crimes against peace, security of mankind and international legal order”. Suggest citizen Lutsenko to study the characteristics and structure of the crime provided by article 438 of the criminal code of Ukraine, the Commission of which I am accused, namely, “Violation of the laws or customs of war”. Let the competent staff of the GPU will teach the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Lutsenko criminal law”, – she wrote in Facebook.

Also Poklonskaya said that last week he personally went to non-government-controlled areas of Donbass.

It had previously submitted to the European court on human rights complaint about the “violation of the right to a fair trial in Ukraine”.

According to its defender Maxim Mogilnikov, attorneys ‘ Association “Mogil’nitskii and partners” which represents interests of Poklonskaya, received a letter from Strasbourg, which reported on registration of the complaint in the European court.

“In particular, we informed the ECHR about the non-admission of lawyers to the case, the reluctance of the GPU to accept the credentials of defenders, as well as about other gross violations of human rights for protection,” he said.

“Forgot to mention the obvious signs of the presence in this case of political motives and in direct violation of the capital’s Pechersky court of the Convention in its decision on in absentia proceedings against Madam Polonskaya,” added the lawyer.

Also, the lawyer Polonskaya and the so-called “head of government of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov said that his clients will not appear for trial on the mainland of Ukraine due to the “political nature of the case”.

Life after the Crimea

In 2016 Poklonskaya was elected to the state Duma from the Pro-government party “United Russia”. At the same time Ukraine did not recognize the legitimacy of these elections because of voting in the annexed Crimea.

19 July 2018 Poklonskaya the only Russia voted against carrying out in Russia of the pension reform, which would increase the retirement age.

The head of the faction “United Russia” in the Duma Sergei Neverov suggested Poklonskaya to think about the delivery of the mandate. She refused.

Parliamentary Commission on control over reliability of data on incomes of deputies, headed by Poklonskaya was abolished.

Измена и война. За что в Украине судят Поклонскую

Poklonskaya in the Duma

Poklonskaya also known for his love of Russian Emperor Nicholas II. She criticized the trip to the Crimea Duchess Maria Romanova and her son Prince George, calling them “self-proclaimed lords.” In response, the heirs of the Imperial family Poklonskaya has accused of slander and ignorance of history. The head of the Chancellery of the Imperial house Alexander Zakatov expressed the hope that “the Lord will send the Deputy admonition, and she will repent and apologize.” “ Imperial house quite calmly to the madness of Ms. Poklonskaya. We are sorry about her current mental state. We wish her a speedy recovery. I think that someday the Lord will send her the tip and she will repent and apologize” – said in the office of the Imperial house.