Treasure of the nation. As Ukraine regaining Scythian gold

Сокровище нации. Как Украина возвращала себе скифское золото

Scythian gold, almost 3 years “stuck” in the Netherlands, will return to Ukraine. The story, which was for our country an honour, and a matter of principle, apparently, will be a happy ending. However, in order to discard all the doubts once and for all, you need to wait for the appeal.

In February 2014, the collection of Scythian gold was removed to Amsterdam, where he was presented at the exhibition “Crimea: gold and secrets of the Black sea” in the Allard Pierson Museum. This collection consisted of the collections of five museums, one in Kiev and four Crimean.

The exhibition “Crimea – Golden island in the Black sea” was completed on may 31, 2014, but by the end of February 2014, Crimea was annexed by Russia, and the Dutch confused, to whom to return the Scythian gold. The Crimean museums, of which in February the collection was moved to the Netherlands, insisted on the fact that Scythian gold should go back to them.

Four of the Crimean Museum sued Amsterdam a class action lawsuit to Allard Pierson Museum, in which demanded to fulfill contractual obligations and to return a collection of Scythian gold from the Netherlands to Crimea.

Сокровище нации. Как Украина возвращала себе скифское золото

Exhibition of Scythian gold in the Museum by Alan Pearson

“Contracts concluded between the museums. Naturally, Kiev has agreed on the transfer. But Kiev did not commit, were taken directly from the “Chersonesos” in Bonn. In Museum practice this has not been to the museums took exhibits and then did not return. The owner of the collection, according to the documents, is the reserve “Chersonese”. Now the lawyers of the foreign Ministry and the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation on this issue. A Museum of letters exchanged between them”, – explained the position of press Secretary of the reserve “Chersonese” Alexander Skripnichenko.

The Dutch chose the only possible way of conflict resolution – to resolve the issue in court, arguing that whoever were returned value, one of the parties will object. In the end, the Museum decided to hold the item up to until all appeals are not resolved.

Kiev of the gold, consisting of 19 items worth 11.4 million euros, returned to Ukraine in September 2014. In the Netherlands stayed 565 exhibits (2 111 Museum objects) for the total insurance sum of 1 million 438 thousand euros. They were boxed up and taken to storage.

Сокровище нации. Как Украина возвращала себе скифское золото

Sarmatian gold decoration, the hryvnia returned to Ukraine in 2014

The trial began in January 2015 and in April Ukraine is recognized by the process. Not everything went smoothly: for example, the Ministry of culture complained that the participation of the Ukrainian side in the hearings is locked, saw the involvement of Russia.

In December 2016, the Pechersky district court of Kiev just in case put a lien on Museum exhibits and handed over to the Interpol documents to declare them wanted. In the Crimea said that the decision is legally void, and continued to insist that artifacts belong to the Museum, located in the annexed Peninsula.

And now “broken”. The Amsterdam court decided to transfer the exhibits to Ukraine. The court ruled that the Crimea is not a sovereign state and can not claim to treasure as a cultural heritage. However, Ukraine will have to pay for storage of artifacts approximately 100-110 thousand euros. Unhappy with the verdict of the Crimean museums have said they will appeal the decision, while an appeal could take “a year or even more.” All this time the gold will be in the Netherlands.

The Ministry of culture of Russia has already called the ruling “a negative precedent” and a violation of international law on the protection of cultural property. Meanwhile in Ukraine, calculated by the end of 2017 to get the collection back.

The decision of the Dutch caused a significant moral rise in the Ukrainian society: President Petro Poroshenko said that the way European state once again confirmed that Crimea belongs to Ukraine.

“The decision of the district court of Amsterdam means that not only the “Scythian gold” is a Ukrainian. Crimea is also Ukrainian, Crimea is our. This follows from the decision of the court of the European countries,” wrote the President in Facebook.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin expressed hope that the artifacts will return to Crimea – but only when he will again be Ukrainian.

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— Pavlo Klimkin (@PavloKlimkin) 14 Dec 2016

The news quickly spread in the Ukrainian segment of social networks, tired of “zrada”.