Treatments available: from August 1 to expand the list of drugs

Доступные лекарства: с 1 августа расширят список препаратов

In Ukraine will be more free drugs

The list of drugs will increase to 200 items.

The list of drugs on the program of Affordable medicines in Ukraine will extend from August 1, 2017. About this Twitter was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.

“On August 1, the list of medications included in the program “Affordable medicine” to increase by a quarter and will be about 200 drugs,” – said Groisman.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of health will expand the list on the program of Affordable medicines medicines of high quality, produced in EU countries, Ukraine, Israel and India.

As mentioned earlier Корреспондент.net healthcare reform, which is promoted by the administration, finally dismantles shareware medicine in the country.

Groisman showed pharmacies with free medicines