Trends in the wine market of Ukraine

Тенденции винного рынка Украины

The international company Ipsos, Comcon said that the main trend in the wine market of Ukraine – is a combination of new technologies with the Author’s ideas.

According to the report, which ranks third in the world in terms of ongoing market research and has offices in 87 countries, 2016 the year was significant for the Ukrainian market of wine products. Ipsos Group, formed in Paris, France, in 1975, is an independent research company managed and controlled by professionals in the field of market research.

In particular, in their research report was marked TM Villa Krim as a brand, gaining momentum and winning the hearts of consumers. With sales of more than 6 million bottles per year, this brand name continues to increase, remaining one of the leaders in terms of recommendations among consumers with zero rate of abandonment of the trademark.

Recently the brand has raised the bar of Ukrainian winemaking are even higher, suggesting the national market collection of Author’s wines, which have no analogues not only in Ukraine but also abroad. This is a 4 position, created by an exclusive formulation leading winemaker of the company, Boyan Borisov. Grapes for blends are chosen so that on the one hand to emphasize their individual characteristics, and on the other harmoniously to expand the palette of flavors and aromas. “Creating the original collection, I deliberately used a non-trivial blends. I was able to combine the character of the terroir of different sites, making the flavor of wine unique,” says the Author. More than 100 blends were created for each item before it was selected the best of them for inclusion in the new collection.

Here is what it says Maestro on the assemblages of his collection:

White semi-sweet wine Gewurztraminer – Muscat fills everyone with a sense of joy and profound pleasure. Traminer is one of the most valuable wine grapes, and the Muscat brings a unique aroma in the bouquet, bringing it to perfection. I recommend to try this wine with a classic Italian pasta with seafood and fine cheese.
“Red semisweet wine Cabernet Pinot Noir I joined velvety softness of sweetness Cabernet and the temptation acidity of Pinot Noir. It perfectly sets off the tender meat poultry and goes well with delicate fricassee under marvelous cream sauce.

Life, like a fine wine, you can enjoy it only with the Author’s wine Villa Krim. Give yourself a moment of inspiration, a finish which will last for hours.

Тенденции винного рынка Украины