“Truce” in the Donbass, during the day, six attacks

"Перемирие" на Донбассе: за сутки шесть обстрелов

In the Donbas during the day, six attacks

Half of the attacks were conducted from the forbidden “Minsk” weapons. Among the Ukrainian military casualties there.

In the past days, separatists six times violated the ceasefire regime from weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, fire was opened three times. On Saturday, March 16, according to the force headquarters OOS.

“The enemy fired at our troops from mortars of 82 and 120 calibers, antitank missile system, grenade launchers and small arms. In the strip of responsibility of tactical group East of the position of our troops were fired on twice near Novoselivka Druha and Shirokino”, – stated in the message.

In addition, broke silence the enemy and the strip of responsibility of tactical group North. There are separatists four times fired at our defenders:

twice from mortars of a calibre of 120 mm and further from grenade launchers of various systems in the village of Crimea;

anti – tank missile complex near the village Novozvanovka;

from small arms near the urban – type settlement Stanitsa Luganskaya.

Losses among our defenders there. According to the survey, March 15 two of the enemy were destroyed.

Since the beginning of the current day of the shelling positions of our troops is not fixed.

A day earlier, the separatists four times per day fired Ukrainian military.


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