Truck unblocked the route “Odessa-Kiev”

Фуры разблокировали трассу "Одесса-Киев"

Travel on the Kiev-Odessa highway is open

Conflict on the road has arisen due to the overloading of cars of truckers.

On the road “Odessa-Kiev” the police allowed the trucks to turn around for overload excess load, the traffic on the highway restored, according to “Думская.net”.

Recall that with the Sabbath movement in the direction of Odessa blocked the trucks, because no passage through the weight of their did not miss the police.

“We ask our government now to let us through because we want to keep the road surface as we ride him. But we can’t drive because of weight – when we got here, we put before the fact, and to pay a fine for overloading, we can not, because fines of 9,000 euros – unreal money”, – said the truckers.

In turn, the head of the state service of Ukraine on safety on transport Mikhail Nanak noted that all the action takes place in the framework of the legislation and as a compromise offered to carriers who have excess weight, reloaded into empty trucks and then go through the weighing procedure.

Information about the achieved compromise was confirmed by the truckers.

A day on the highway going about 200 trucks, and the movement in the direction of Odessa was opened on the wrong item dorozhno-patrol service.

The truckers claimed that the night in Odessa passed trucks with the excess weight for a bribe of $ 20.