Trucks Queuing at the border with Poland stand for three days – GFS

Фуры в очередях на границе с Польшей стоят по трое суток – ГФС

In early October, on the Polish border formed kilometer queue of trucks

The representatives of Poland and Ukraine intend to hold a meeting to discuss the expansion of the number of checkpoints on the border.

The waiting time in queues at border crossing points for trucks at the Polish-Ukrainian border up to three days. This was announced acting head of the State fiscal service (GFS) Alexander Vlasov on his straniere in Facebook Tuesday, October 9.

“In the morning already had a Frank telephone conversation with the head of the customs Department – Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance – Deputy head of the National administration of the revenues of the Republic of Poland Peter Valakom… today, according to our estimates, waiting in queues reach three days,” he wrote.

Vlasov reminded that between the control authorities of Ukraine and Poland a Memorandum on emergency situations in which prescribed norms of pass of trucks for each item, but in the last year the document is executed not in full.

“We agreed that the heads of customs offices from both sides – on our side, we are talking about Lviv and Volyn customs office of the SFS must establish cooperation within the framework of agreements to minimize business problems while passing control,” the official added.

Vlasov and Walczak are going to hold a personal meeting in the near future at one of the checkpoints and, in particular, to discuss the expansion of the number of checkpoints on the border with Poland.

Recall that in early October at the Polish border formed kilometer queue of trucks. Delays in the passage of trucks associated with the so-called “Italian” strike of Polish border guards.

It also became known that the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin has initiated an extraordinary meeting of the Ukrainian-Polish intergovernmental coordination Council on interregional cooperation due to queues at the border.

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