Trump accused Obama of tapping of his telephone conversations before the election

Трамп обвинил Обаму в прослушке его телефонных разговоров перед выборами

The US President Donald trump has accused former head of state Barack Obama that he had his phones tapped in October 2016, just before the presidential election. About this 45th President wrote in his Twitter.

“Awful! Just found out that Obama was listening in to my conversations in Trump Tower just before the victory (in the election – ed.). Found nothing,” wrote trump.

The current President of the United States stated that “a good lawyer could blow a big deal out of the fact of wiretapping of phone conversations” in October before the election.

“How low President Obama is listening to my phones during the Holy electoral process. This is the Watergate scandal,” wrote trump.

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Recall that the Watergate scandal occurred in the United States in 1972-1974. Then shortly before the election of 1972, which saw the victory of Republican candidate Richard Nixon, at the headquarters of the presidential candidate of the Democratic party of George McGovern, located in the Washington complex “Watergate”, were detained penetrated into the hotel five. They were engaged in setting up eavesdropping equipment. The scandal, which lasted two years, ended with the resignation of Nixon as President.

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