Trump and the Russian Federation. The new charges against the President of the United States

Трамп и РФ. Новые обвинения против президента США

American media claim that Donald trump had concealed the contents of his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the FBI has long been investigating trump because of his ties with Russia.

It’s hard to be President of the United States. More precisely, it is hard for Donald Trump to be President of the United States. Still not finished Shutdown – a temporary stop of work of the U.S. government, against which the trump fell a record rating. So posted new charges trump in relations with Russia.

In secret contacts with the Kremlin trump accused throughout his presidency.

What the press has caught the White House this time?

Secret negotiations

Trump has covered up the details of a personal meeting with Putin in 2017 in Hamburg from officials of his administration, writes The Washington Post.

“President trump struggling tried to hide details of his discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin, including at least once tried to take over the records of his interpreter, and had instructed the linguist not to discuss what he knows with other administration officials,” writes the newspaper according to current and former officials.

Officials learned about the actions of trump, when White house adviser and a senior official from the state Department requested additional information on the negotiations in Hamburg the translator.

These limitations, says the WP, are part of a wider scheme, which trump defends its ties with Putin from the public and does not allow even high-ranking officials in his own administration to know everything he told one of the main opponents of the United States.

As a result, American officials stated that no detailed data, even in secret documents, personal meetings trump with the Russian leader in five places over the last two years.

Such a gap would be unusual for any President, and this despite the fact that, according to intelligence, Russia tried to interfere in U.S. elections to help Trump win.

Former American officials said that trump’s behavior is contrary to the known practice of previous presidents, who relied on aides who attended the meetings and made detailed notes and shared them with other officers and departments.

Strobe Talbott, former Deputy Secretary of state, which in the 1990-ies participated in more than a dozen meetings between President bill Clinton and then Russian President Boris Yeltsin, said that the secrecy “is not only unusual by historical standards, but outrageous.”

“It is difficult for the U.S. government experts and advisers, as well as government officials, which should serve the President, and it certainly gives Putin a lot more possibilities to manipulate the trump,” he said.

In turn, as the newspaper writes, a White house spokesman disputed this view, saying that the administration trump seeks to “improve relations with Russia” after the Obama administration “had failed “reset” policy, which sought to cooperate for the sake of interaction.”

Response Trump

Trump likes to say that his administration “has imposed significant new sanctions in response to the malicious activity of Russia”.

Trump allies say that, in his opinion, the presence of employees impairs his ability to establish relations with Putin.

The trump said that doesn’t hide anything about his conversations with Putin.

“I don’t care. I have had these conversations, like any President… you sit down with the presidents of different countries, I do it with all countries. We had a great conversation. We talked about Israel, about Israel’s security, about many other things. And it was a great discussion. I’m not hiding anything,” said trump asked to respond to allegations Washington Post that he hides details of his meetings with Putin.

Trump, in turn, said that The Washington Postпринадлежит American billionaire Jeff Bezos, and he uses the publication as a lobbyist for the interests of his company Amazon.

He continued that, they say, these people are not interested in the details of his meetings with other presidents, but when it comes to Putin, they ask: “what were they talking About?”.

Trump also protested the question, if he worked on Russia. And did not answer it.

However, lawyers committees of the U.S. house of representatives on issues of intelligence and international relations, I want to interrogate the interpreters who were present during the meetings trump with Putin.

One of the top advisers to the international Committee of the house of representatives reported that information to Washington Post that trump took notes of the translator from a meeting with Putin in Hamburg “changed the balance”.

The Democrats of the intelligence Committee say what he wanted to hear the translators of the private meetings trump and Putin, but Republicans opposed.

“If they would join us now?” asked the Chairman of the Committee, Adam Schiff.

The lawyers intend to discuss the possibility of calling interpreters on January 14.

The FBI investigation

January 11, The New York Times, citing its sources reported that the FBI has opened an investigation against trump after he fired Director of the office of James Komi Republic in may 2017. The purpose of the investigation was to find out whether trump’s decision a threat to U.S. national security whether he deliberately in the interests of Russia or unintentionally fell under the influence of the Russian Federation.

The investigation began counterintelligence agents. At the same time the FBI began a criminal investigation into whether the dismissal of the Komi trump’s attempt to obstruct justice (this part of the investigation, the media learned only a few weeks). Soon, the two cases were consolidated into one.

The New York Times claims that the FBI has for several months been thinking about whether to start an investigation against trump. In July 2016, in the midst of the campaign, the FBI allegedly caught the appeal of trump to Russia with an appeal to find and make public the contents of e-mail of his rival Hillary Clinton. Concern, the FBI also called compiled by the former spy Christopher Steele dossier on trump — it was argued that Russia can blackmail him.

Debate within the FBI allegedly intensified after trump after the inauguration he demanded from the Director of the Komi personal loyalty and asked to stop the investigation against his former national security Advisor Michael Flynn. The main argument against was the fact that the investigation against the President needed more hard evidence as well as the risk of leakage to the media, which could prejudice the result of Russian interference in the elections. However, supporters of the investigation was more — after trump fired James Comey and several times implicitly tied that decision with the Russian investigation.

After the appointment of spectracolor Robert Mueller investigation was in charge of it. The New York Times is unknown whether it proceeds till now.

The position of the President

Lawyer trump Rudolph Giuliani stated that “the fact that for half a year, showed nothing of threats to national security, so that they found nothing”. Press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders called the newspaper article is absurd and noted that the administration trump is pursuing a tougher policy towards Russia than its predecessors.

On January 12, President trump wrote a series of tweets regarding the article in The New York Times, criticizing the Komi Republic, and several members of his team. He also stressed that tougher acts against Russia than any other President, however, believes the right to establish relations with Russia.

Wow, just learned in the Failing New York Times that the corrupt former leaders of the FBI, almost all fired or forced to leave the agency for some very bad reasons, opened up an investigation on me, for no reason & with no proof, after I fired Lyin’ James Comey, a total sleaze!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 12, 2019

“Wow, just from the waning of the newspaper the New York Times, I learned that the rotten former leaders of the FBI, who were almost all dismissed or forced to leave on very bad grounds, started an investigation against me — no reason and evidence, after I have dismissed the false James Comey, the absolute bastard!”, – wrote trump.