Trump called for the expansion of nuclear potential of the United States

Трамп призвал к расширению ядерного потенциала США

Trump began his tour with Indiana

The US President-elect Donald trump has called for the expansion of nuclear potential of the country, “while the world does not come to his senses”, that may be a signal of forthcoming costly modernization of the US nuclear Arsenal. The corresponding statement trump has published in his Twitter.

“The United States should substantially strengthen and expand its nuclear capabilities as long as the world doesn’t come to their senses about nuclear bombs,” said trump.

People on Twitter soon reacted negatively to this statement by writing in the comments.

Donald trump during the presidential election campaign, promised to develop the armed forces of the United States, at the same time taking the responsibility to reduce the taxes on the expenditures of the Federal budget.

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Recall that Donald trump will officially assume the responsibilities of President on 20 January.

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