Trump has accused Russia of cyber attacks on USA

Трамп обвинил Россию в кибератаках на США

Trump has ranked Russia to the organizers of the cyber attacks against the United States

Therefore, Washington should dominate in the field of cyber technology.

Russia, China, North Korea carried out cyberattacks against the United States, so Washington needs to dominate in the field of cyber technologies, said the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump, reports TASS.

“Cyber-attacks by the authorities of foreign countries, especially China, Russia and North Korea and from terrorists and organized crime represent the most compelling cause for concern for our national security,” said the Republican.

He called “the huge scale of the problems (USA) in cybersecurity”.

It is noteworthy that earlier candidate-Democrat Hillary Clinton said that trump has offered Russia to hack the data of Americans.

In the beginning of the month it was reported that Clinton is ahead of trump by 5 percent.