Trump has accused the EU and China in currency manipulation

Трамп обвинил Китай и ЕС в валютных манипуляциях

The American President believes that China and the EU are engaged in the manipulation of the exchange rates of their national currencies.

China and the European Union to manipulate the rates of their own currencies. This was stated in an interview with Reuters, U.S. President Donald trump.

“China is clearly manipulating its currency. And I think, the same manipulations are carried out with the Euro”, – said the American leader.

Trump said, leading strong negotiations with other countries and what the Federal reserve wants to raise interest rates is at odds with his policies.

Recall, July 6, the U.S. and China have exchanged duties. Washington imposed a 25% fees for 818 items of Chinese products. Beijing, in response, took a similar toll on 659 groups of goods from the United States.

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