Trump in a new interview, Putin described in two words

Трамп в новом интервью охарактеризовал Путина двумя словами

Donald Trump

The US President Donald trump, describing his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, said that it is a “tough nut”. The statement of the American President voiced in an interview with Fox News channel.

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The host asked trump to describe some famous people two words. When asked to describe Putin, trump said, “I don’t know. But he’s definitely a tough nut to crack (eng. tough cookie, the literal translation of “hard biscuits”). “I don’t know what he’s doing for Russia, but someday we’ll find out, I guess,” added trump.

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In an interview with the presenter also asked the President to give a brief description and others. In particular, trump called his adviser Killian Conway “very nice lady”, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton “frustrated”, and about rapper Snoop Dogg, who directed the clip in which he shoots the clown, dressed as a tramp, the President said that he believes such behavior is dictated by a “sunset career” artist is unacceptable towards anyone.

Earlier, the trump during an interview on Fox News said that in the world and in the US there are a lot of killers, and America is also not the most innocent country. He commented on the words of the leader of bill O’reilly, who called Putin a “murderer”.

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