Trump introduced associated with the public debt of Venezuela sanctions

Трамп ввел связанные с госдолгом Венесуэлы санкции

The American leader has banned American citizens of any transactions relating to public debt of Venezuela.

The President of the United States Donald trump issued a decree banned American citizens and legal entities operations with a sovereign debt of Venezuela, Interfax reported.

In addition, you cannot use as collateral any debt liabilities of Venezuela and shares in any companies and organizations, where Venezuela owns more than 50% of the shares.

“Today’s decree closes (for the authorities of Venezuela − ed.) is another opportunity for corruption, which we have observed: it does not corrupt officials of Venezuela to determine the wrong price for the state property and to sell it in exchange for a percentage of the transaction”, − told reporters the representative of the White house.

The decree of the American leader also limits the ability of Venezuelan authorities to sell assets “at bargain prices at the expense of the Venezuelan people”, said the US administration.

It is noted that the prohibition on the acquisition debt “includes all accounts receivable associated with the Americans or persons in the United States,” including the debt of the state oil company.

We will remind, on the eve of Venezuela held presidential elections. The leader of the ballot was the current head of state Nicolas Maduro, who reportedly scored 5.8 million votes (68%).

The US called the election a sham, and the result is illegitimate.

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