Trump is concerned about the information to Wikileaks and vowed to punish the leaks in the CIA

Трамп обеспокоен информацией в Wikileaks и пообещал наказывать за утечки в ЦРУ

The US President Donald trump

The President of the United States Donald trump is “extremely concerned” about security breaches, the Central intelligence Agency (CIA), which led to the disclosure of classified information by Wikileaks. This was stated during a briefing the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, Fox News reports.

According to him, if the information released by Wikileaks, are true, White house reaction will be tough.

“Anyone who admits leaking classified information, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We will prosecute and bring these people to justice,” he said.

While Spicer added that while the White house cannot confirm the leaked information from the CIA.

As reported, yesterday the website WikiLeaks published the first part of a package of documents which, it is claimed, are confidential documents of the CIA and expose large-scale hacker program office.

As noted in the WikiLeaks, published documents describes the magnitude and direction of the global hacking secret CIA program, its Arsenal of malicious software and dozens of vulnerabilities “zero day”, which are used against a wide range of products of American and European manufacturers, including iPhones from Apple, Android from Google, Windows from Microsoft and even Samsung TV, which, according to WikiLeaks, into secret microphones.

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WikiLeaks is an international nonprofit organization that has published several important papers on the cost of the war in Afghanistan, the files relating to the Guantanamo prison, secret documents of the national security Agency of USA and e-mails of the National Committee of the US Democratic party.

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