Trump panics? In the United States, resigned the attorney General

Трамп паникует? В США ушел в отставку Генпрокурор

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions has resigned at the request of President Donald trump. Observers believe that trump will now try to close the so-called “Russian cause”.

Yuriy Lutsenko is not alone in his desire to leave the post of attorney General. But if Lutsenko is only going to resign, his American colleague Jeff sessions has already been dismissed.

Have and Roman sessions have not went wrong relationship with Donald trump. And immediately after the elections to the Congress, the President went on the attack. Now all wondering– why?


U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions has resigned at the request of President Donald trump.

“We thank attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions for his service and wish him well,” wrote trump.

He also announced that the acting attorney General appointed head of the office and Roman sessions Matthew Whitaker. And Roman sessions of the permanent successor will be appointed later.

A long-standing dispute

Trump has repeatedly criticized and Roman sessions for the decision to withdraw from the so-called “Russian investigation,” Robert Mueller regarding the possible collusion of staff of the trump of the Russian Federation.

Sessions was part of the election team of trump, met with the Russian Ambassador did not mention about it under oath.

Trump repeatedly called and Roman sessions to complete the investigation of spectracolor Muller.

“It’s a terrible situation, and attorney General Jeff sessions needs to stop this rigged “witch hunt“ that she kept staining our country. Bob Mueller is absolutely biased, and 17 of angry Democrats who are doing his dirty work, shame USA!” – wrote trump in August in Twitter.

But sessions moved away from business even in 2017, handing over supervision to his Deputy Rod Rosenstein. To close the investigation, he was not going to.

In a recent interview, trump said that “he had no attorney General”.

Трамп паникует? В США ушел в отставку Генпрокурор

Jeff Sessions

In turn Rosenstein, according to The New York Times, urged to secretly record conversations with Donald trump, to subsequently using those records to indict the President in the service inconsistency.

The 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives the ability to remove the President from power if the Vice-President and most Ministers deem him “unable to perform the duties imposed by his office.”

According to the newspaper, Rosenstein was first offered to record conversations with trump in the spring of 2017, after the President fired the head of the FBI James Komi. Then it turned out that trump requested the Komi Republic to stop the investigation against one of its advisors, and shared secret data with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

Rosenstein such information is denied, and trump promised to “get rid of eternal stench” in the Ministry of justice. Here, it seems, began to get rid of.

Further steps of the trump

In the investigation of Muller were charged with the former head of the headquarters of the trump Floor of Manufactu because of its lobbying activity not connected with elections in 2016, the trial began on August 1.

Also in the United States has indicted 13 members of “Troll factory” of the Russian Federation who allegedly tried to sow discord in society during the election period, and 12 of the intelligence officers allegedly hacked into the server of the Democratic party of the United States and published stolen documents.

Trump all these investigations do not like, he criticises them. Naturally, from the new attorney General, the President would demand their termination.

Trump “couldn’t forgive Sesnse that already in the beginning of his term of office refused to control over the investigation, “the Russian business”. In the worldview of trump’s first challenge fellow party – to protect the President like you’re his lawyer,” – said the German publication Der Spiegel.

Therefore ,replacing attorney General trump tries to stop the investigation Mueller, schitat journalists. “As acting attorney General for the team, Muller will be watching Whitaker until appointed a new attorney General, and it may take a few months. Whitaker was now able to limit the investigation of Muller, he can weaken it, depriving human and financial resources, to suppress or even stop altogether under some pretext. The lawyer from Iowa – loyal trumpet,” writes Der Spiegel.

So hurry trump, Mueller to something? Or wants to catch up to the loss of Republican majority in Congress, that happens after January 1, 2019.

The New York Times also writes that as acting attorney General Whitaker “can tell Mueller to stop investigating a particular question or to reject the requests of Muller about the extension of his investigation.”

Whitaker may prevent such steps Muller as calling trump a summons for questioning or the filing of new indictments. However, according to the rules of such steps it is necessary to notify Congress.

“Whether Whitaker to fire Mueller?” – raises the question paper. Whitaker may decide that Mueller poorly performs his duties, to fire him or cancel the protection that gives Muller the regulatory rule, previously involved with Rozensteina, and then to dismiss Muller without a specific cause.

After completing the investigation, Mueller must submit a report to the attorney General, and that is to decide to transmit this document to Congress or not to declassify. Next year the Democrats in the House of representatives will be required to provide this document, but if the administration trump wants to resist, the outcome is unclear. The political battle on Capitol hill continues.