Trump released a congratulatory letter from Putin

Трамп обнародовал поздравительное письмо от Путина

Putin and trump

The US President-elect Donald trump unveiled, he said, with a congratulatory letter from Russian President Vladimir Putin in which the Russian leader calls for bilateral cooperation “at a qualitatively new level”. Transition team trump got it on 23rd December, a few hours after the press conference Putin in Moscow, writes Radio Liberty.

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In a letter dated December 15, Putin hopes that trump would act “constructively and pragmatically” to improve relations with Moscow.

Vladimir Putin said that he hoped that the presidents “will be to take real steps to restore the bilateral cooperation on the international stage at a qualitatively new level”.

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Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Putin sent Trump a letter of congratulation and expressed hope for improved relations between Moscow and Washington.

Donald trump responded by calling Putin expressed thoughts “very correct”.

“I hope that both sides will be able to make it in life, and we won’t have to go the other way,” the statement said trump.

During the presidential campaign, Donald trump has repeatedly called for improving relations with Moscow. He also rejects the conclusions of the American intelligence services that Russia is behind the cyber attacks carried out during the presidential campaign in the United States.