Trump threatened duties as the host of “unfair” trade with the United States countries

Or a country that unfairly treated US in the trade, finds a fair deal, or gets hit by duties, said Donald trump.

Against countries that behave unfair to Washington in trade, will be introduced to duty if they did not sit at the negotiating table. On Tuesday, July 24, said the President of the United States Donald trump in his Twitter.

“Duty is the best. Or a country that unfairly treated US in the trade, finds a fair deal or gets hit with fees,” he wrote in the microblog.

Trump also re-described the United States as “the pig-piggy Bank”, which Rob.

We will remind, USA on 1 Jun established tariffs on steel and aluminium from EU countries, Canada and Mexico. Retaliatory duties, the EU entered into force on 1 July. These include, in particular, were tobacco, alcohol, food, clothing and other American products.

June 15, trump announced that the US will impose a fee of 25% on products from China due to the fact that Beijing uses the “unfair methods of trade” and stealing American technology and intellectual property. The Chinese authorities have stated that they are ready to respond to these objectives mirror and the Ministry of Commerce of the country has described the situation as “the largest outbreak of trade wars in history.”

In July, the Bush administration built the list of Chinese goods that it is proposed to impose a duty of 10%, the total cost of production is about $200 billion After that, trump said he was willing to include in this list all products from China, increasing the total value of the taxable fees of the product up to $500 billion.

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