Trump’s words brought down the price of oil

Слова Трампа обрушили цену на нефть

Statement of the American leader about a possible easing of the sanctions policy against Iran has caused a fall in the price of Brent crude oil.

The futures price of Brent crude oil fell to 60.99 a dollar per barrel. This is evidenced by the auction of the London exchange ICE on September 11.

So, on Wednesday the price of oil has fallen by 3% in seven minutes, down from 62,32 dollars per barrel at 18.40 Kiev time to 60,64 of the dollar in 18.47.

Analysts attribute such a rapid decline with the statement of the President of the United States Donald trump about a possible easing of sanctions against Iran.

Recall from April 2019 in respect of the Republic acts that the United States imposed an oil embargo, which resulted in the oil production in the country decreased to 40%.

Earlier it was reported that on 10 September the price of oil Brent for the first time since August 1 rose above 63 per barrel.

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