Tsurenko sheathed racket in the second round of the tournament in Brisbane

Цуренко зачехлила ракетку во втором круге турнира в Брисбене

Lesya Tsurenko

Lesya Tsurenko in a difficult fight lost Kaye Kanepi.

Ukrainian tennis player Lesya Tsurenko failed to beat Kaia Kanepi in the second round of the tournament in Brisbane – 4:6, 3:6.

The fight lasted an hour and a half. In the first set tennis players in turn defended their supply, yet the lady failed to make a break. From the start of the second batch of rivals exchanged breaks (4 – Kanepi, 3 – Tsurenko).

Brisbane. The second round

Lesya Tsurenko (Ukraine) – Kaia Kanepi (Estonia, Q) 4:6, 3:6

It is worth noting that during the match both girls turned for help to a physiotherapist. Ukrainian medical pause said that he had trouble breathing.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian Elina Svitolina made it to the quarterfinals of the tournament in Brisbane.

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