Tsymbalyuk is not a “killer” Babchenko – SBU

Цымбалюк не является "киллером" Бабченко - СБУ

In the SBU denied the involvement of the Tsymbalyuk to the RAID

In SBU declared that Alexey Tsymbalyuk, who spoke of his involvement in the RAID, is a sick man.

Member of ATO Alexey Tsymbalyuk is not a “killer” journalist Arkady Babchenko. On Thursday, may 31, has declared a press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya in the comments Gromadsky.

“This is some sick man. Do not distribute cheap fakes. On the fence people can write anything you want,” said Gilanskaya.

On the question of why Tsymbalyuk admitted that he, the contractor, if in the SBU he was not, Gitlyanskaya said: “it is Possible to be promoted”.

As to whether there is a “real artist” protected, Gitlyanskaya said, “No comment.”

We will remind, the member of ATO Alexey Tsymbalyuk said that he is the killer of a journalist and sees no reason to “encrypt”.


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