Tszyu: Gassiev not boxed and did not think

Цзю: Гассиев не боксировал и не думал

Murat Gassiev and Alexander Usik

Kostya Ju commented on the victory of the Ukrainian Alexander Usik in the final of the world Boxing series.

The former absolute world champion in the Welterweight Kostya Tszyu has criticized the tactics of the team Murat Gassieva in battle against Alexander Usik in the final of the world Boxing series where the Ukrainian won.

“In the battle affected the class of Tendril. Gassiev failed to adapt, to change his battle plan. He was fixated on only one hit. I just hoped to get, not boxed, not played, not thought. The Mustache a good Amateur career and a great experience, because of this, his level is much higher. If Gassiev willing to learn and will learn, is using this fight in order to find the mistakes, then he will succeed. He is a good and talented boxer.

Will he be able to achieve this in BigBear? Workout with Sanchez is his decision. If Murat can’t find a coach here,… Abel Sanchez is a very good specialist, but something did not go yesterday. Maybe Murat did not listen. I, unfortunately, haven’t been around, I don’t know what he was saying. But the tactics of the battle, they completely changed.

If Gassiev normally feels in this weight class, why change it? It is not necessary. He weighed 89 pounds at the weigh-in, so he’s all right with the weight. For a super heavyweight he will not be the greatest, there is no good physical fitness, which is supposed to have.

Should the Tendril fly into the rating, regardless of weight? In theory, Yes, I can’t say what place, not for me to decide. But the fact that he is one of the best now, it is unambiguous”, – quotes Tszyu championship.

Earlier it was reported that, according to statistics, the Tendril struck almost a thousand punches per fight. See also full video of fight the Tendril – Gassiev and video output to the ring Alexander.

Note that in the corner of the ring Barb helped Anatoly Lomachenko.

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