Tuck: Foreigners on the side of the LDNR will be punished

Тука: Иностранцы на стороне ЛДНР будут наказаны

George Tuck

The Deputy Minister said that British law enforcement can help in the case of evidence of the presence of regular Russian army in Donbass

The Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Georgy Tuka said on air of 112 Ukraine that the sentence to British citizen for participation in combat actions on the side of the separatists LDNR suggests that all foreign “tourists” who go to Eastern Ukraine as mercenaries will be punished.

Recall, a court in Manchester sentenced to five years and four months in prison Briton Benjamin Stimson, who was in the armed forces of the breakaway DNI and LC.

Tuka said that he is very interested in the mechanism that were involved in the prosecution of Britain during the charge and evidence collection.

“And secondly, I’m sure 100% that the British law enforcement agencies were directed to collect evidence of the presence of regular Russian army on the territory of Donbass. What did you learn from this British mercenary is the most interesting”, – said the Deputy Minister.

It also doesn’t exclude that the interaction with the police in the UK can give very thorough information.

“I am convinced that such contacts we will have. I have no doubt that will still be. We have collected a lot of information about such foreign “tourists”. I know absolutely that the position of all European countries is hard enough. All these people will be punished,” said Tuck.

Previously, the GPU was informed that on the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk regions in 2014 as part of the illegal armed formations 84 are alien, of which 64 Russian.

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