Turbines in the Crimea. As the Germans swept around the sanctions

Турбины в Крыму. Как немцев обвели вокруг санкций

In Crimea, found a German turbine

Siemens has filed a lawsuit against the Russian partners to supply gas turbines in the annexed Peninsula.

German concern Siemens is going to sue because gas turbines, which travelled to the Crimea to bypass sanctions.

The company has accused Russia of violating the terms of the contract and has submitted to Arbitration court of Moscow the claim against its own subsidiary, Siemens Gas Turbine Technology and management company Tekhnopromexport – daughter of rostec state Corporation.

Moscow claims that the Peninsula was delivered “Russian-made equipment, assembled from Russian components”.

Корреспондент.net versed in the scandal surrounding the German company violations of the sanctions regime.


As the turbine was in the Crimea

In the summer of 2015 the main contractor of the Crimean TPP, the company Technopromexport has announced a competition to supply four gas turbines.

Was purchased units Siemens SGT-2000E, which was built by Russian-German joint venture in St. Petersburg.

Then it was reported that “daughter” of Rostekh will send the turbine in the Russian town of Taman, Kerch Strait, although, as Kommersant found out, there are for thermal power plants do not need so many turbines.

In December of the same year, Zerkalo Nedeli wrote that Russia bought German turbine for Crimea

Sleduyushim summer competition on construction of thermal power plants in Taman canceled because no one wanted to participate in it, and the Siemens turbine was put up for sale.

Yourself turbine was already at the company, but the German company has refused to send equipment, without which the units would not be able to work.

July 5, Reuters reported that a newly built power plant in the Crimea contrary to the sanctions regime of the EU was supplied to the gas turbine from Siemens.

Four sets of equipment arrived in Crimea for installation on a newly built power stations in Sevastopol and Simferopol.

The Company then stated that the turbines were purchased in the secondary market and modernized by Russian companies.

The Russian news Agency RBC with reference to close to the top Manager of the company, the source said that following reports about the supply of turbines in the Crimea representatives of Siemens asked the company to let them inspect a warehouse in Krasnodar Krai, however, the “daughter” of Rostekh was denied to the Germans.

Positions of the parties

July 10, Siemens officially declared that in the Crimea the turbine was intended for the construction of generating capacity in the Krasnodar region and was moved to the Peninsula annexed against the will of the manufacturer.

In the end, the German company filed a lawsuit in the Moscow arbitration court against its own subsidiary, Siemens Gas Turbine Technology and management company Technopromexport.

On the eve of the Siemens accused the Russian partners in compliance with the terms of the Treaty, in particular to move to the Crimea, two of the four gas turbine units supplied for projects in Taman.

As stated by representatives of the German company, this happened without their knowledge and in violation of the terms of the contract. Siemens stressed that “for several months the buyer in writing repeatedly assured “that the supply of turbines on the annexed Peninsula will not.”

Siemens also plans to achieve through the courts the return delivered to the Crimea of equipment back to the Taman and the prohibition of new supplies to the Peninsula.

July 11, the German Ambassador to Russia rüdiger von Fritsch called on the Russian authorities to investigate the supply of turbines by Siemens in the Crimea to bypass sanctions, warning that breach of contract can be a “strong impact on investment in Russia.”

According to the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, the turbos set for power plants in the Crimea, produced from Russian components.

“In Crimea is indeed installed turbines produced in Russia, collected in Russian companies”, – said Peskov.

While he has previously refused to comment on the situation with Siemens, stressing that the administration of the Russian President “not to engage in turbines”.