Turchynov: the Enemy needs to be responsible for killing our sister

Турчинов: Враг должен ответить за убийство нашей сестры

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov

Secretary of the national security Council has accused Russia of the murder of AquaWay.

The murder of a Chechen volunteer fighters ATO Amines AquaWay should not go unpunished, says Secretary of national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov.

“Today we lost Aminu Okueva, which became the real hero of the Chechen and the Ukrainian people. For every patriot of Ukraine, she became a sister. And the enemy should be responsible for the murders of our sisters,” – he wrote on his page on Facebook on the evening of 30 October.

Turchynov believes was involved in the murder of AquaWay the Russian side.

“Russia is continuing aggression in Eastern Ukraine launched a terror in the rear, destroying the brave defenders of our country,” said Secretary of the national security Council, stressing that the murder of AquaWay is “a challenge to the country, which should be tough and adequate response.”

Osman told the details of the murder of AquaWay

Recall the murder of the Amines AquaWay occurred on the evening of October 30 at a railway crossing near the village of glevakha, Kyiv region. The car, which was Okueva, was fired. Her husband, Adam Osmaev, was wounded.

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