Turchynov: the Residents of Donbas will test stronger

Турчинов: Жителей Донбасса будут проверять сильнее

Turchinov told about spies from Russia

At checkpoints want to strengthen the control coming from the occupied territories.

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that a draft law concerning inspections of LDNR and residents of the Crimea, wishing to obtain a passport. It razrabatyvayut with the participation of representatives of the Migration service, security service and state border service. He stated this during a trip to Kharkov, MediaPort reports.

“A lot of those who stood on the positions of separatism, who betrayed his country, suddenly start to remember that they are Ukrainian citizens. I would like it to be a sincere desire. But it may be that in order to discredit Ukraine abroad, the Russian security services will be directed to get passports and terrorists, and those who bear direct danger to civilized countries. We definitely have to protect Ukraine and to protect our European partners”, – said Turchinov.

“It is because will very careful check of […], not whether a person has another nationality, not whether it has relevance to those who betrayed the country, the intelligence services of the Russian Federation, so it will take time. At the same time today very strict standards for issuing to citizens of Ukraine of biometric passports. Of course, we give the opportunity to our services, Migration service, security service and other relevant services, ministries and agencies to carefully check the person in order to localize any danger, which is possible,” said Secretary of the NSDC.

We will remind, earlier Turchynov said that Russia is building up troops on the border.

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