Turkey depends on whether the strengthening of NATO in the black sea region

От Турции зависит, будет ли усиление НАТО в черноморском регионе

Vlashchenko: the events of last week we’re speaking with journalist, news Director of channel atR, Osman Pashayev.

Hello, Osman. This week discussed a dangerous rapprochement between Putin and Erdogan, the Crimean “attack”, etc. Why Erdogan changed 180 degrees its direction?

Pashayev: actually, the lies of Europe have pushed Erdogan, in the end, in the embrace of this Eastern direction where he is looking with Putin, or SCO, or in the triangle of Iran-Russia, which actually is not very natural for Turkey. But for 15 years, Erdogan was not only an authoritarian leader. It was a man, who maybe did most of the democratic reforms in his country. Ceased to persecute as for religious views, and political. Was freed from prison the highest number in its years. 2002-2007 years – it was the heyday of democracy. In 2004, the year of North Cyprus held a referendum on the initiative of Kofi Annan, about the unification of Turkey. The Turkish part of the vote for the Union, and she promised the removal of all embargoes. The Turkish part voted for the Greek – against, and, however, Europe maintains an embargo on the Turkish part of Cyprus and not fulfilling the promise. Every time Turkey left on the doorstep of the EU and exposed to new conditions for admission: human rights, justice, fight against corruption, the recognition of the Armenian genocide, and now the opening of ports to Greek Cyprus. Every time for Turkey to come up with new conditions, but, in fact, the Turks feeling that the Christian club is not expecting such a large Muslim country, so she did as she’d tried, in his club. Europe it is time to speak honestly – if so, break all these relationships. And now, I believe, the parties still compete for the theatre – all latched on to the topic of the death penalty in Turkey. Europe votes, for example, of Austria, said that not the place the country with the death penalty in the EU. And on this issue there is no consensus even within the ruling party. What distinguishes Turkey from Russia – there’s a very powerful opposition that is represented in Parliament and whose voice always sounds. In Russia it is not.

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– What happened in Turkey in fact, during a military coup?

– The coup was in the night from 15 to 16. A state of emergency was announced on 21. Prior to the announcement of state of emergency, in 16th, was dismissed teachers, army officers, police officers, doctors. The lists were ready. Most likely, the government knew something, and then it was dobrovolnoye. Now we are discussing why the coup, which was organized Islamist preacher, enemy of the secular state that Fethullah Gulen, a junta was called “Committee of peace in the country”? This is a quote from Ataturk. How religious people took in the name of Kemalist junta expression? Expected, perhaps, and the authorities too, that the Kemalist part will join this revolution. Not joined. But we must understand that today’s Kemalists in Turkey are set up anti-American and anti-European. Today there is one consensus from the religious to the secular part and nationalists, what is behind all this CIA.

– So today Turkey is a secular country?

– The army is not in control of full power and after the coup, the army and gendarmerie fully accountable to the government. These changes introduced by the decision of the Cabinet, because during the state of emergency are in effect such rules that the Cabinet of Ministers may issue decisions equate to law. But the secular part of Turkey remains as strong. The Kemalists now appoint the most senior positions – those which were planted a few years ago for trying to organize a coup against Erdogan. In this case 600 people have been planted for periods ranging from 17 years to life imprisonment. Today, these people who were considered enemies of Erdogan, his allies and appointed to important positions in the army.

– What it really means for Europe?

In Europe there is a misunderstanding about Turkey. Turkey, as an ally, can protect Europe from just catastrophic bulk of the refugees. She can take on a leadership role and may be in the opposite camp, although the economy has not been canceled. Therefore, all the emotions, I do not see the changes that Turkey away from Europe and the USA and rushed into the arms of Putin. The top ten countries of the Turkish exports of 8 EU countries and Russia on 11. Russia’s share is 2.5% of Turkish exports. And imports – Russia in 4th place, but it’s mostly gas. Therefore, for gas and 2.5% of exports is unlikely that Turkey is the first country of the EU, which got the contract not just on Association with the EU and the customs Union. Economically Turkey has long been integrated fully in the economic European structures. It is not integrated politically its officials have no right to participate in the European Commission, its citizens do not freely move.

Which means that Erdogan has put forward an ultimatum to the U.S. “Turkey and gülen”?

Is this the Byzantine Empire, where there will always be a part of the display. Will not Gulen will rise next order, which Turkey tens. Their centres in different parts of the Anatolian Peninsula. Each of them tried at various times to infiltrate the army, the police, the courts. They act exactly the same methods. They are all vertically aligned and are all based on Islam. When Erdogan seeks to return Gulen, he is trying, tactically, to destroy one organization, because Gulen is worth more than 2.5 million supporters in Turkey 2.5 million to plant it is impossible to squeeze out of the country is also impossible.

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– What today the mental state is Erdogan?

– He is very expressive.

– Turkey is ready to move on?

I expect a referendum on the country’s transition to a presidential Republic and the concentration of power in the hands of the President Erdogan. Now Erdogan is playing a role of unifier of the whole nation – the religious, the secular part. Today for the sake of unification of the country there is a series – “forget everything”. In this series the weak side, which is now hugs and strangled in the arms – it is against a presidential Republic.

– What are the dangers to Ukraine is the rapprochement between Turkey, Russia and Iran?

From Turkey, depends on whether the strengthening of NATO in the black sea region. How Turkey can contribute to this, so maybe this and counteract. A day after meeting with Putin, press Secretary Erdogan said that their relationship with Russia cast a shadow on their membership in NATO and membership in NATO remains a vital, and they remain a key member of NATO. I hope that this is sincere.

– Why the FSB took the story in the Crimea from “terrorists”?

– On the Ukrainian side: Chaplynka, Chongar, Kalanchak are open. There’s a bunch of journalists, including Russian. There is a lot of public organizations. Therefore, on the Ukrainian side of rampant democracy, freedom, transparency. From the Ukrainian side DRG would be simply impossible to hide. Suleymanov, which is registered in Zaporizhia region, not says, as shown on the video where he admits to planning terrorist attacks. He stutters.

– Does our government have any possibility to save these people?

– I have complete pessimism on this score. I don’t see how they can save.

– How today it is changing the position of the Crimean Tatars in connection with the friendship of Turkey and Russia?

– At the moment this friendship is strained Crimean Tatars in Ukraine and in Turkey. On the other hand, there is a strategic relationship. Crimean Tatars will always sympathize with Turkey, the Israelis are sympathetic to the United States. It’s a special relationship, and it is necessary to recognize and understand. They historically are. With regard to the loss of loyalty to Ukraine – I would not want what happened. While nothing to worry about, but two and a half years Ukraine has not made the steps that she could do against the Crimea.

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– What steps it might be to return the Crimea?

– Before return to the Crimea (we don’t know when it will happen and how, if there is no military solution) is to return the loyalty of the Crimean Tatar population possible. It is loyal to the Ukraine, even more loyal than ethnic Ukrainians of Crimea to Ukraine. In the country the laws of decommunization – the replacement of names of names of Communist in the Ukrainian historical or new. In the Crimea the names will be returned after the de-occupation. In Donbass no such reservation in the decree of the Parliament. The Crimea historical names – it is mostly Crimean Tatar names. If BP has recognized the deportation of Crimean Tatars genocide, the next step necessary to correct the crimes that were committed. One of them is the return of these names. If today Crimean Tatar understand that in the world not on the map bilohirsk city and the town of Karasubazar, then it’s important.

– How to change your attitude in connection with what is happening in Turkey, with Turkish friends?

No changes have occurred. The strange thing is that I have Russian friends appeared after the occupation of Crimea. Once they appeared, then these people are completely different views, not Putin. Then there’s a vested interest to build relationships. My eldest son is a citizen of Russia, involuntarily, because he lives in the Crimea, and my younger son is a citizen of Turkey. Both are citizens of Ukraine, but one lives in the occupied Crimea and the other in Istanbul. Therefore, these countries, like Ukraine, I was connected forever.

– You don’t go to the Crimea. This is your fundamental position, or it is associated with danger?

– I did not come to the Investigative Committee for questioning on 19 may and left the Crimea. I was appointed a witness in the murder of “Berkut” on Maidan. Why it was investigating the Investigative Committee of Russia, and even in the Crimea, I don’t know. What would have ended for me, any trip to the Crimea – I don’t know, but with my son we recently, for the first time in two years, said on the Call. I have my mom and younger brother.

– Many of our common friends say that today it is necessary to delete the entire Russian culture. Does this position of national identity?

– In the civilized world, the Ukrainian is determined by citizenship, but ethnic also has not been canceled. It’s hard for me to give advice to the majority ethnic Ukrainians how to behave in relation to the aggressor, which is not only political, but also ethnic Russian. Then the Crimean Tatars had to delete from your life everything Russian, including language, since 1783, and after 1944 at all to cast a curse. Sometimes I enrage the reports from the Crimea by Ilya Azar, who works for “jellyfish”. But when I see his reports from Turkey is super. And should learn to make reports. This is one of the best reporters we have, with which you can meet. It is necessary to stop reading, or it should cease to teach students?

– How you consider, whether Turkey recognizes Crimea as Russian?

– No. The issues of territorial integrity of the state is very important for Turkey – it has the most problems in the South-East and the Kurdish regions.

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– Does Ukraine have any good specialists in Turkey, Iran, is able to propose to our government a new concept of relations with these countries?

I really like the author, who sometimes writes for “the mirror of week”, the diplomat from our Embassy in Ankara Evgenia Gaber. This is something I read with interest, although I can read the primary sources in the Turkish language. In General, we need professionals who will specialize in a specific country, even just on the level of journalism. I do not see such blogs on a daily basis told us Hungarian, Polish routine. Lately my choice has been to give a lot of information about Turkey on “Facebook” to a certain number of people had dynamics, memorized the names of political parties, processes. This forms at least a small understanding of what is happening there.

– To strengthen or weaken support for Ukraine to Turkey after reconciliation with Putin?

To weaken can. It began to apologize for downed aircraft and congratulations with the day of Russia. Turkey was to send a large number of researchers in the Kherson oblast in the spring to study the self-identification of Ukrainians. This is a great Turkish project, and government funding was canceled in April.

– Do you believe that education will save the world?

Yes. This is from the faith.

– Do you believe in the power of civil society?

– Yes, I believe in the power of civil society – civil society. For grant money – not buying it.

– Why do you return again and again to Turkey?

– It is interesting. All this vizantiyshchina very attractive.

– Implemented the power of the ideals of the Maidan?

– No, and could. Because the laws of the revolution.

– Is it possible you left journalism?


– Do you believe that Crimea will return to Ukraine?

I do not know. You can skip the question?

Best movie or book about Islamic culture, about the values of the Islamic world?

– In the Ukrainian language there is a book, in 1997, transferred, Khalil Inalcik “the Ottoman Empire. The classical period 1300-1600 years.” Very good study, very much can be understood.

Three reasons that can serve as a barrier to unfolding world conflict coming from axis Russia-Turkey-Iran?

First, what you’re up against very many intellectuals in the world is the neo-liberal policies, which is called the cause of all ills in the world – the corruption, the poverty in some countries and the super-wealth in others – that this neo-liberal policy, there is also a resource that will not allow a possibly catastrophic scenario. Following the war in the form in which it is all describe – this is war, after which the fourth world is no longer necessary. The third world can exist in such hybrid forms.