Turkey dissatisfied with resolution of the EP on the suspension of the negotiations on the country’s membership in the EU

В Турции недовольны резолюцией ЕП по приостановке переговоров о членстве страны в ЕС

From the point of view of Ankara, European Parliament resolution on the suspension of talks on EU membership has no legal force. This was stated by the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs and chief negotiator, Omer Celik said, according to Anadolu.

According to him, on the basis of futility, the objectives and content of this decision should not be taken seriously.

The Minister noted that there are forces that are trying this solution to send a message to Ankara. “But they should know that Turkey will ignore this message,” – said Celik.

The Minister believes that Europe should examine ways of cooperation with the country, which had prevented an attempted coup.

“In particular, this relates to issues concerning the legal state and democracy. Instead, they decided to sign a resolution that will leave a negative mark in history,” said çelik.

We will remind, deputies of the European Parliament voted to suspend the negotiations between Ankara and Brussels on the accession of Turkey to the European Union. The reason is called “disproportionate” reaction of the Turkish authorities after a failed coup attempt in the country.

A document initiated by the parliamentary faction of the European socialists and Democrats, but it is only a guide.

As you know, in Turkey after the coup attempt were arrested 35 thousand 26 thousand people released from custody, but under surveillance. In addition, after the attempted coup closed 130 media.