Turkey has suspended the import of grain from Russia

Турция приостановила импорт зерна из России

Experts believe that this demonstrative action “in retaliation for tomatoes”.

Turkey has deprived Russia of the right to free supplies of wheat, corn and sunflower meal. Shipment of these products almost stopped. This writes Interfax, citing the General Director of the Institute for agricultural market studies Dmitry Rylko.

“Turkey from March 15 suspended the issuance of licenses for duty-free supplies of wheat, corn and sunflower meal from a number of countries, but primarily, this relates to a key supplier of Russia”, – said Rylko.

According to him, in these conditions, Russia will be forced to deliver the wheat at a duty of 130%. “If such prohibitive duty of supply may not be”, – he said.

“Traders reported that purchase virtually stopped”, – said in his turn, the Director of the centre “Sovekon” Andrey Sizov.

He believes that such actions of one of the largest buyers of Russian grain can have a negative impact on exports of the Russian Federation, “and so goes with the low rates”.

July 2016-February 2017 Turkey imported almost 2 million tons of Russian wheat, becoming the second buyer after Egypt. In the past agricultural year in Turkey was delivered 3.1 million tonnes of Russian wheat.

Experts believe that Turkey’s decision might be related to the fact that Russia retains a ban on the import of Turkish tomatoes and other vegetables. “Approaching the season of harvest, and this is purely a demonstrative action, in retaliation for the tomatoes,” said Vice-President of Russian grain Union Alexander Korbut.

As reported Корреспондент.netMarch 9, Russia partially lifted the ban on the import of vegetables from Turkey. But one of the largest items of Turkish exports to Russia – tomatoes – remain banned. Also banned imports of cucumbers, apples and pears.

Earlier, Turkey has banned ships to visit the Crimea.