Turkey wants to settle with Ukraine in national currency

Турция хочет рассчитываться с Украиной в нацвалюте

The Turkish Lira is depreciating against the background of the crisis with the United States

Ankara offers its largest trading partners to get rid of the “shackles” of the us dollar.

Turkey is preparing to move to settlements in national currency with its major trading partners, such as Ukraine, China, Russia and Iran, writes Kommersant.

According to the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, if Europe wants to get rid of the “shackles” of the U.S., Ankara is ready to go with them on a similar trade settlement.

Turkey will not accept a world order in which the world declared economic war on a country pressured by the threat of sanctions, he said.

Without gas and the F-35. The conflict between the US and Turkey

“Those who are trying to settle scores with Turkey, and a blow below the belt, must remember that in the world there is no politics and no country that could succeed pursuing a hostile policy towards Ankara,” Anadolu news Agency quoted Erdogan’s words.

We will remind, the failure of negotiations on the lifting of the previously imposed sanctions of the USA against Turkey and the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump twice to increase the rates of protective duties on imports of Turkish steel and aluminium caused a record weakening of the Lira on Thursday, August 9, she lost more than 14 percent of the cost.

The sharp depreciation has forced the authorities to announce the first measures to fight the crisis – Erdogan urged citizens to sell gold and foreign currency, and the government presented a plan to tighten fiscal and monetary policy.


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