Turkish aircraft attacked the Kurdish-controlled village in Syria

Турецкая авиация нанесла удары по контролируемому курдами селу в Сирии

Air force and Turkish artillery struck the village of Amarna South of Dzharablus, which is controlled by the fighters of the Syrian democratic forces, 60% completed with the Kurds. About it reports Al Arabiya.

The CDC said that the attacks have resulted in civilian casualties.

Syrian Observatory for human rights confirmed the fact of bombardment but not reported number of victims, according to Deutsche Welle.

The Turkish side has not yet commented on the attack.

Border town Dzharablus previously controlled by the militants of the “Islamic state”, but on 24 August, the rebels under the guise of Turkey conquered it.

Earlier it was reported that Turkey sent to Syria for additional tanks, requiring the Kurds to retreat.