Tusk: EU will continue sanctions against Russia until mid-December

Туск: ЕС продлит санкции против РФ до середины декабря

Donald Tusk

The head of the European Council Donald Tusk confirmed that the European Union will extend sanctions against Russia before the EU summit, which will take place in mid-December.

This was reported by Reuters.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the EU confirms position on sanctions against Russia before the December summit. According to him, the summit Ukraine – the EU confirmed that the sanctions should remain until then while Russia will not comply fully with the Minsk agreement.

Earlier it was reported that the EU sanctions against Russia because of the aggression in the Donbas, in force until 31 January 2017, will almost certainly be extended for another six months, until Aug.

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At the same time, Ukraine stands for the extension of sanctions once a year, not six months.

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