TV company “Era” refers to the attorney General Lutsenko regarding the disconnection of the channel from the air

Телекомпания "Эра" обращается к генпрокурору Луценко по поводу отключения канала из эфира

TV company “Era” announced the obstructing its business and journalistic activity and addressed to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko is demanding the investigation of these facts. The text of the request posted on the website of the company.
“Since 2001, the TV company “Era” broadcasting at frequencies network UT-1 (5.3 hours of airtime per day) in accordance with issued by the national Council on television and radio broadcasting License. During this time the journalists of the TRC “Era” has always adhered to the standards of independent broadcasting and defended the principles of objectivity and impartiality in ensuring the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens to information. During the revolutionary events of 2004-2005 and 2013-2014 all political forces, despite pressure from the authorities, was submitted to the broadcasting company. Consequence of recognition and respect is long-term cooperation of the TV company “Era”, radio “Era” with the “Radio Liberty”, the BBC and other international media,” – said the staff of the TRC “Era”.

“Recently, in preparation for the continuation of the current broadcasting license of TV company “Era”, according to the information needing verification, a group of individuals related to the Ministry of information policy the management of “channel 5”, with family ties with A. I., carry out illegal actions to obstruct the legitimate business of the TRC “Era” and journalistic activities of our employees, as well as the constitutional rights of Ukrainian citizens to receive information,” the company said.

As an example of violation of business and journalistic activity in the company has led an appeal to the acting Chairman of the PJSC the SSC of Anne Bull to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman, dated 28 February this year. According to the TV company, it Goby asked to exert pressure on the company.

“This letter says that “stream Eurovision-2017 experiencing great difficulties,” but in no way explains why since 2001, any difficulties between the SSC and TRC “Era” about the broadcasts of the Eurovision song contest did not arise”, – stressed in the statement.

In addition, it is noted that in April, the PSC, the SSC reported TRC “Era”, that starting from 00:00 hours 14.04.17 year satellite broadcasting of TRC “Era” will be discontinued.

“In the letter noted that “according to the information needing verification, activities to block the broadcast TRC “Era” is the participation and coordination of actions of the employee of PJSC the SSC Boychuk Yuri Vladimirovich (in charge of technical policy), which call the unknown person, put the illegal problem and advise how to proceed. Thus, the actions of the management team PAO the SSC, and these groups should be qualified under articles 364, 206 and 171 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The audacity of these actions is that they took place on Good Friday, on the eve of the Easter Holidays. Also, it was considered that the Ukrainian Parliament will meet in plenary session only a month. Based on the above, and realizing that such rash action is impossible without the teams and officials, asking to take under personal control the investigation of these shameful acts for preventing of journalistic activity and the violation of constitutional rights of citizens of Ukraine”, – said in a statement.

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